WVGS membership includes the monthly WVGS Newsletter, four email copies of the Society’s quarterly ‘Beaver Briefs’ publication, and online access to the Member's page which includes meeting minutes, previous newsletters, all Beaver Briefs editions (in color where available) - with master TOC list and compiled Surname index, DNA Tips, a number of other society's Exchange Publications, and more...

Individual and family memberships are currently free through December 2023. Click below to view or print a Membership Form PDF, or fill out and submit the Online Membership Application Form.

Members from 2022 do not need to fill out a form.  Your membership wll be rolled over to 2023.

Life membership ia also available, for individuals only. See our Life Membership Brochure for more information. A one-time payment for Life Membership is $250 if under age 70 or $200 if age 70 or over.

A mailed B&W printed version of the quarterly ‘Beaver Briefs’ publication is availble to members for an additional anual cost of $10 (to cover postage), or $20 for non-members.

WVGS Life Membership is available for $250 for individuals under 70 years of age, and $200 for those over 70. For details of the benefits of Life Membership click below.
The WVGS has compiled information that can be used to assist our members in locating specific areas of helpfull expertise available within the society. This information has been placed on our [Member Page] with links to other members provided initially through a contact manager; no individual contact information will be posted on the [Member Page]. Direct communication will be available as an option to the two interested parties.