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Your Fred Meyer Rewards card can earn us rewards!
Here's how:
  • Go to the Fred Meyer website at
  • Click on the "Link your rewards card now" text
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  • Search for the WVGS using our non-profit number: 82436
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All your future purchases at Fred Meyer will automatically create a cash donation to the WVGS; there is no impact to your Rewards or Fuel program points. An announcement of your participation in the Community Rewards program will appear on the bottom of your Fred Meyer receipts. Note: you can only donate to one organization through this program.

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An Internet Trick.   If you 'Right-Click' on an internet link in the Explorer Browser, a small window opens with options, one of which is to open the webpage in a separate 'Tab'. Selecting this option enables you to keep the page you're on, open, while you explore the linked page. In the Chrome browser, hold the ‘Shift’ key while you click on the link. 

For example, this method allows you to open both the Member Page and the Beaver Briefs Master Surname Index while you locate and research the referenced pages:  
  1. use a Right-Click to open the index in a separate tab from the Member Page,  
  2. select the new tab and search the index for a name [Ctrl-F]  
  3. then return to the Member Page by selecting its tab 
  4. use a Right-Click to open the edition of the Beaver Briefs referenced in the index 
  5. go to that tab and scroll to the referenced page(s) to view the information associated with the name 
  6. close the edition by closing the tab, and return to your place in the index by reselecting its tab (it may select itself) 
  7. note another instance of the name (if any) or search for a new name 
  8. go to step 3 and repeat as required